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San Jose authorities search for cause of fiery crash

On Behalf of | Aug 12, 2019 | Auto Accidents |

Almost no one takes to Fremont’s roads intending to cause a car accident; on the contrary, most take their individual charge to drive safely in order to protect those on the road around them very seriously. Yet intent does not necessarily have to be present in order to assign liability in a car accident. Indeed, most collisions are just that: accidents. However, the responsible party typically must shoulder the blame when it comes to covering the expenses of those affected by an accident (regardless of whether or not their fault was due to recklessness, negligence or mere circumstance). 

Authorities in San Jose are trying to determine exactly what caused a fiery collision that left one driver dead, several others injured and lanes closed for several hours on state Highway 101. It was reported that a car hit the center divider and came to a stop on the highway. Several other cars ended up striking either that vehicle or others that had hit it, touching off a fire that damaged several vehicles. The original vehicle was actually so badly burned that officials could not even determine its make and model. Its driver was killed in the collision, while two others were taken to local hospitals for treatment. 

In cases such as this (where the driver responsible for causing a car accident dies), many may think that seeking compensation to cover their accident expenses is not an option. Yet that is not the case. Compensation can be pursued from a person’s estate, with accident victims serving as creditors who compensation must be paid before assets can be dispersed to beneficiaries. In such a case, one might be wise to consult with an attorney before commencing legal action. 

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