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Accident during training leaves Marine dead

On Behalf of | Oct 22, 2019 | Auto Accidents |

Many in California no doubt feel a strong sense of security when they are at work. These secure feelings likely come from the assumption that given the control that one has over the tasks related to their job, they should then be able to control the situations that they encounter at work. Yet what about those whose work places them in positions where they could encounter danger (such as those whose jobs involve being outdoors or dealing with tense situations). While one can certainly feel secure in their ability to do their job, they cannot anticipate accidents or threats that might arise during the course of actually doing them. 

One need only look at the case of a Marine who was recently killed during a training exercise in Bridgeport. The man’s unit was going through logistical support training when the Humvee he was in was involved in an accident. Specific details regarding were not released; it is only known that the young man was reportedly manning the vehicle’s rooftop turret when the accident occurred. No other injuries were reported. Two fellow soldiers from his unit (which the man had only been in since May) attempted to provide him with, yet first reconsiders pronounced him dead at the scene. 

While the military has its own methods of compensating the families of accident victims, this case prompts the question of what might happen if one is indeed involved in a car accident while working. In such situations, one might be required to file a workers’ compensation claim before reaching out to their auto insurance carrier. An attorney may be a good source of assistance in correctly sorting out coverage mandates in such a scenario. 

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