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There are many workplace hazards that health care workers face

On Behalf of | Nov 15, 2019 | Health Care Worker Injuries |

National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) data shows that at least 18 million Americans are employed in the health care sector in the United States. At least 80% of the individuals who work in this ever-growing industry are women. NIOSH data shows that workers in the health care field face one of the highest nonfatal occupational illness and injury rates of all industries.

There are a variety of occupational dangers that put health care workers at risk of getting sick or hurt. There’s been an uptick in workplace violence at medical facilities in recent years.

Health care workers have often found themselves subjected to performing more strenuous work across an extended work shift. This has left these employees fatigued and stressed out, something that makes them more vulnerable to making mistakes on the job.

Other hazards that health care workers often have to contend with are a potential allergy or toxic exposures. There has been an uptick in reports of hazardous drug or chemical exposures among medical workers in recent years. The number of workers who have reported latex allergies other contact exposure illnesses has increased as well.

Sharps injuries have the potential of making health care workers sick. Nurses and doctors may be exposed to incurable illnesses if a needle that was used on a patient pricks them.

Back injuries are another type of injury that health care workers have to be cautious about. While many medical facilities have policies in place requiring team lifts of patients, many workers attempt to move patients alone instead of waiting for help. This, maintaining poor posture and engaging in repetitive movements all put doctors, nurses and other health care providers at risk for hurting their backs on the job.

Health care workers put their own lives on the line daily in trying to take care of their patients. You should know that there are laws on the books here in California that afford individuals who have been injured on the job certain rights. An attorney here in Fremont can provide you with the experience and skills you need to pursue compensation benefits in your case.

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