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The danger posed by slow drivers

On Behalf of | Apr 17, 2020 | Auto Accidents |

California drivers are not supposed to travel so far below the speed limit that they impede the flow of traffic. Besides being against the law, slow driving is dangerous, especially in how it can encourage unsafe behavior in others.

Drivers faced with a slowpoke in the left-hand lane of the freeway should not follow too closely as a way to intimidate the driver. Nor should they pass quickly on the right. Rather, drivers should remain patient and see if the slow driver will move of his or her own accord. If nothing happens after a minute, drivers may consider flashing the headlights or gently honking the horn to get the person’s attention.

Some drivers may have more understandable reasons for driving slowly than others. For example, seniors may be unaware of the speed limit because of poor vision, or their joints may be stiffened from arthritis, preventing them from accelerating further. Other slow drivers may be newly licensed and a little fearful of driving fast.

Still, slow driving is a form of negligence. This is most clearly seen in those drivers who relax pressure on the accelerator because they are using their phone. Phone use reduces activity in the parietal lobe, which helps with making judgments behind the wheel, by some 37%, according to the National Safety Council.

Distracted driving is one of the leading causes of motor vehicle accidents. Some instances of it can be easier to prove than others; phone use, for example, can be proven by obtaining that driver’s phone records. Victims of a distracted driving crash may want a lawyer to evaluate their case and see if they can pursue a strong personal injury case. It’s possible even if victims were partially to blame. With a lawyer, they may strive for a fair settlement.

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