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Workplace safety strategies for nurses to avoid injuries

On Behalf of | Jun 12, 2020 | Health Care Worker Injuries, Workers' Compensation |

Workplace safety is a priority for all California workers. This is especially true for nurses. Because the inherent requirements of the job make it necessary for nurses to place themselves in harm’s way, there are unique challenges to maintaining a safe workplace. Still, when accidents happen, it is important to understand how to receive workers’ compensation benefits.

Nurses are advised to keep certain protective measures in mind to avoid injury and illness. Hand washing has garnered significant attention with the current health challenges gripping the nation, but it is always important to avoid spreading illnesses. Nurses are required to lift patients as part of their job. Doing so manually can cause back injuries and muscle pulls. Using equipment specifically for this purpose may prevent these issues from occurring.

Nurses are often tasked with trying to calm and subdue violent patients, raising the chance of an injury. Seeking help is wise. Vaccinations are frequently perceived to be for patients, but nurses need them too. This can protect them from the flu and other pathogens. Needles are used for many purposes in hospitals and nurses are often stuck. This requires attention. Protective personal equipment (PPE) includes goggles, gloves, masks and more.

It might seem obvious, but given the long hours and haphazard schedules they work, nurses must make certain to get sufficient sleep. Drowsiness makes them vulnerable to missteps. Finally, self-care mentally, physically and emotionally is a sound way to remain healthy. Even when adhering to this advice for workplace safety, accidents and incidents happen. Injured nurses might need medical care of their own, miss time on the job and face various expenses. Workers’ compensation can cover for their loss and help them after injuries. Having legal advice regarding a claim may be critical to an approval.

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