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Preventing common construction accidents in California

On Behalf of | Oct 21, 2020 | Injuries |

The following is a brief summary of the five most common accidents that occur on construction sites in California and throughout the country. Construction employers will want to make sure they have taken steps to avoid these accidents in particular.

Falls among the leading causes of injury

Because many employers skimp on fall protection or don’t have guidelines on scaffolding and ladder use, employees wind up injuring themselves in falls. Falls are actually the number one cause of construction fatalities with 991 workers dying this way in 2016.

Slips and trips and electrocution

Construction sites typically have uneven ground, holes and equipment lying around, which could cause workers to slip and trip. Employers must clearly mark any trip hazards and provide the proper training.

Similar steps should be taken to prevent electrocution, the third type of common incident. This was behind 8% of all workplace fatalities in 2016.

Struck-by and caught-in-between incidents

Around 10% of workplace deaths in 2010 were due to employees being struck by objects like flying debris, equipment dropped from above and swinging loads. Hard hats and other personal protective equipment are essential. Tools and machinery must be secured. Machines must be guarded, too, or employers will see more of the fifth type of accident: caught-in-between incidents.

Filing a workers’ comp claim with a lawyer

Having been injured on the job, you may pursue a workers’ compensation case to be reimbursed for all medical bills as well as a portion of lost wages. Benefits are not guaranteed because employers can deny payment for a number of reasons, so you may want legal representation before moving forward. A lawyer may be able to help you file your claim and, if necessary, an appeal. The lawyer may also explain when opting for a settlement would be wise.

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