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Occupational accidents: the eight most common causes

On Behalf of | Nov 2, 2020 | Workers' Compensation |

In California and throughout the country, workers across a wide range of industries have to face numerous threats to their health and safety. Below are eight of the most common causes of occupational injury.

Inattention from stress or fatigue

Some employees will work through their rest breaks, becoming tired and less attentive as a result. This is a leading factor in workplace accidents. Stress is similar because it negatively affects a person physiologically as well as mentally and emotionally. It causes inattention and clouds judgment. Next, many workers put themselves at risk for heat stroke and cardiac conditions because of lack of water. Eight glasses a day is the recommended amount.

Slips, trips and falls and heavy lifting

Many workers slip, trip and fall on debris or on wet floors that had no signage out; others may slip because of improper footwear. Whatever the cause, these incidents are the fourth most widespread cause of injury. Workers may also be harmed because of poor lighting, especially in warehouses; the improper lifting of heavy objects; and acts of violence perpetrated by co-workers.

Lastly, many accidents involve hazardous materials. Workers should have access to the right personal protective equipment and a material safety data sheet to refer to before handling any of these materials.

Legal representation for injured workers

Workplace incidents can leave victims dealing with long-term conditions that prevent them from working in the same capacity as before. Fortunately, workers’ compensation benefits can cover much of the losses, provided that the employer does not contest the claim. Though the filing process can be easier than for a personal injury claim, you might still want to consult a lawyer. A lawyer may help you file an appeal if necessary and also explain when it might be wise to settle a claim.

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