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Are manufacturing workers at risk for injuries?

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Manufacturing jobs involve many professionals performing different tasks. People putting things together on an automobile assembly line may be among the most well-known jobs. Such workers may also deal with chemicals, operate heavy equipment, transport things, and more. California manufacturing workers might find themselves worrying about injury risks, and the duties might come with hazards. Thankfully, injured workers may have workers’ compensation claims to pursue.

Injuries and the manufacturing industry

Some tasks come with an inherent risk of injury. A person who welds ships must worry about burns and inhaling fumes. State and federal law may mandate protective equipment and workplace safety rules, but employers could be negligent. Negligence, combined with the dangers present in a particular work environment, might lead to injuries.

Negligence doesn’t necessarily mean the employer deliberately refuses to care for a worker’s safety. Failure to adequately and promptly clean up spills, for example, could lead to injuries. Not replacing “seemingly” reliable equipment might contribute to possible accidents.

Injuries and job-related concerns

Manufacturing sites may be home to a great deal of activity. Sawing, welding, moving, and hauling objects could create a great deal of noise. Noises could create distractions leading to an injury. A loud, unexpected noise, such as a small explosion, might distract someone long enough to slip up with a tool. An injury might follow.

Sometimes, the human body may start to suffer from the physical burdens placed on it. A person lifting a heavy object on the job may suffer a back sprain or another type of injury, and the injury could prevent someone from working for a time. Such workers may take solace knowing that California’s workers’ compensation system is a no-fault one. Negligence need not factor in a claim.

Manufacturing injuries could result from many different incidents. People who have been injured on the job may wish to pursue a workers’ compensation claim.

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