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What are common on-the-job accidents?

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Many millions of people work in a wide range of industries in California. Some jobs, like construction, come with more significant risks than others. No job comes with no risks, however; getting hurt on the job could happen to anyone.

Common work injuries among different environments

What type of injuries workers are at risk of suffering might depend on the kind of job, but some hazards are universal. A person who works in a lab could suffer burns from lit burner flames or chemical spills. Workers on a construction site may face the chances of electrical burns.

Someone working in an accounting firm might not experience too many burn-related hazards, but that worker could potentially slip and fall, and so could a lab or construction worker. Slip-and-fall accidents might happen on any job and in any environment, making them a common injury among workers. In addition, who says an accounting firm, or any building, is fireproof? An electrical or office kitchen fire may break out.

Injuries caused by fellow workers or even supervisors may happen when people engage in horseplay. Sadly, workplace violence might occur, and an injury may result from an assault. A fellow worker might accidentally bump into a colleague, causing a fall or another injury. Even unintentional injuries come with consequences.

Risks associated with a job

The human body might suffer from the long-term effects of a certain job. Years of heavy lifting may lead to sprains and strains that require time to heal just as much as a sudden strain, sprain or other injury could occur.

Equipment may come with dangers. People who use power tools, saws, torches and other potentially dangerous equipment might hurt themselves or others. Accidents might happen regardless of how experienced workers are with their equipment.

California maintains a no-fault workers’ compensation system, so proving negligence is unnecessary for a claim’s approval. When injured for any reason, the worker may file a claim. Seeking an attorney’s assistance might be helpful when doing so. Claim denials can happen, and other issues could arise that an attorney may help address.

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