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Many Fremont industries lead to severe manufacturing injuries

On Behalf of | Jun 4, 2021 | Workers' Compensation |

The state of California is home to several industrial and manufacturing jobs. These employment opportunities can provide workers with a solid income, allowing them to support and care for their families.

Unfortunately, a workplace accident can leave you severely injured and unable to continue supporting your family — and injuries in manufacturing jobs are not uncommon. 

What are the most common manufacturing injuries?

The manufacturing industry requires the regular use of equipment, machines and perhaps even toxic chemicals or materials. Improperly using or handling these items can lead to some of the worst injuries in the field of manufacturing. Examples include the following:

  • Getting a hand or other body part caught in a piece of machinery is devastating and could impact your continued ability to work
  • Manufacturing facilities are typically large and tall, which means if an object falls on you from an elevated height, you could suffer a range of injuries from brain trauma to multiple broken bones
  • Some manufacturing facilities contain flammable or explosive materials, which could result in severe burn injuries that will take you out of the workforce temporarily or permanently
  • If you work in a factory or plant that utilizes different chemicals, you could become sickened from toxic exposure symptoms ranging from mild to severe

In California, most employees have protection through the state workers’ compensation system. However, we know that it is not always easy to collect on these claims. Sometimes, the injured worker’s boss may try to disprove the injury or the workers’ comp adjuster may deny a valid claim. 

We encourage you not to give up when you deserve your workers’ compensation benefits. Instead, consider seeking legal guidance in filing your claim properly or in filing an appeal against your denial. Learning more about manufacturing injuries as well as workers’ compensation can help you acquire the benefits you need and deserve.

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