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Restaurant industry workers face many risks

On Behalf of | Jul 4, 2021 | Injuries |

People who work in the restaurant industry have tough job duties. While some people might not realize this, the restaurant industry is a physically demanding one. Anyone who’s doing this type of work should understand these risks so they can minimize them.

There are several things to consider. What’s a risk for one position might not be a risk for another, so understanding how these affect your job duties is important.

Joint injuries

Joint injuries are common in this industry, partly because of repetitive motions and heavy items. Taking the time to stretch and using proper body mechanics can help to reduce the chance that a joint injury will occur. These injuries can sometimes occur slowly over time. Therefore, consistent pain in any joint should be treated seriously so that issues can be addressed as early as possible. The knees are especially impacted by the tasks a person will likely have to perform in a restaurant.

Back injuries

Back injuries are also common. Some job in this industry involve either bending over or stooping down. This, along with the heavy lifting, can damage the back. Unfortunately, back injuries can be debilitating quickly. Stretching and keeping good posture throughout the shift can help to reduce the chance of back injuries.

Workers who suffer injuries while working at a restaurant should ensure they get proper medical care. Workers’ compensation should cover this cost. Other workers’ compensation benefits might also be possible. For example, wage replacement benefits may apply if the worker can’t return to work right away.

It’s important to understand your right to workers’ compensation if you suffer a work-related injury or illness. Getting the benefits you’re entitled to can help minimize the financial affect on you.

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