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What if your work injury forces you to change jobs?

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The longer you work the same job, the more skills you will become at performing your role. A deeper understanding of your work functions and your industry will make you a better employee. Those years of hard-won experience may mean that you receive premium wages for your work.

Unfortunately, your income could drop substantially if you get hurt at work or develop a work-acquired repetitive motion injury and can no longer do the same tasks every day.

How does California workers’ compensation protect you if you have to change jobs or professions because of a work-related medical issue?

You can receive permanent partial disability benefits

Most workers’ compensation claims end when a worker no longer has symptoms. For a small number of workers, their condition will not resolve fully but will instead present lingering symptoms. If your doctor believes that you will have lasting symptoms and that much more improvement is unlikely, they will tell you and the department of workers’ compensation, too.

Your doctor will create a report when they believe you have achieved maximum medical improvement. At that point, they will declare your condition permanent and stationary. Their report will include information on your lasting symptoms, limitations on your work, future medical care that may be necessary and even a breakdown of how much of the injury is from your job as opposed to other factors. 

How permanent partial disability benefits help

If your doctor determines that you need ongoing medical treatment because of your lingering symptoms, workers’ compensation may continue to cover that care in accordance with the report they submitted.

Additionally, you may be able to claim weekly indemnity or disability benefits to replace some of your lost wages. The percentage of the lasting injury that is the result of your employment and the direct impact on your income will determine how much you ultimately receive in permanent partial disability benefits.

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