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Chemical burns: A hazard in manufacturing

On Behalf of | Apr 13, 2022 | Manufacturing Injuries |

There are many hazards that occur in the manufacturing industry. One of these is the chemicals that are used in the manufacturing process. These chemicals are either dry or liquid, but they can all cause burns if they aren’t handled correctly. 

Taking care of a chemical burn is much different than caring for a thermal burn. The severity of a thermal burn won’t get any worse once the hot object is away from the skin. A chemical can continue to burn the skin until it’s completely off the skin. 

What types of burns can occur from chemicals?

Burns can occur from a variety of chemicals, including acids and bases. Common cleaning agents, such as bleach, can also cause chemical burns. 

One thing that’s unique about chemical burns is that they can occur hours after exposure to the chemical. They continue to worsen until the chemical is completely removed from the skin. This means you’ll have to take off any clothing or other items that might be contaminated. You’ll have to wash the area using an appropriate method. 

Typically, rinsing the area with water will help, but only if the chemical isn’t activated by water. Reviewing the material safety data sheet prior to using chemicals can help you to know how to treat direct exposure to the skin or eyes, as well as what should happen if the chemical is ingested. 

Workers who suffer chemical burns need to ensure they don’t put off getting medical care. Prompt medical care can reduce the risk of scarring and other issues that can stem from these burns. Workers’ compensation coverage should take care of the medical bills, but that’s not the only benefit you may receive. Some people also qualify for partial wage replacement and vocational rehabilitation. It’s sometimes necessary to appeal the decision regarding benefits if you aren’t getting what’s due.

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