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4 common questions about workers’ compensation

On Behalf of | Nov 11, 2022 | Workers' Compensation |

When a worker is injured on the job, they may be able to receive medical benefits and lost wages by filing a workers’ compensation claim. 

Many employees are often confused about how workers’ comp benefits work and when they can apply for them. Here’s what you may need to know:

1. What injuries qualify for workers’ comp? 

Minor injuries like cuts, bruises and sores may be part of the job and don’t apply for workers’ comp. But, injuries like serious burns, slip and fall accidents, car accidents or head trauma may qualify an employee for workers’ comp benefits if the injuries were experienced on the job or in a work vehicle. 

2. What if you caused your injuries?

Workers’ comp is a no-fault system and doesn’t consider who caused the injuries. That means that injuries may have been caused by you, a co-worker or your employer and you may still be eligible for health benefits.

3. Can workers’ comp claim be denied?

It’s always possible that a workers’ comp claim is denied, but this often occurs because there wasn’t enough evidence proving an injury occurred at work or was severe enough for benefits. A claim may even be denied if an employer makes it difficult for their employee to receive benefits. 

4. Should you seek legal help?

Workers’ comp claims can be difficult without the guidance of a legal eye. You may need to know your legal options to ensure you receive the benefits you deserve after an injury or illness. If your workers’ comp claim isn’t going well, it may be time to learn more.

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