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We Help Those With Cumulative Trauma Injuries

Not all workers’ compensation injuries happen in an instant. Many injuries come on gradually due to performing the same task over and over again. Repeated heavy lifting, pushing heavy loads and long hours at a computer are just a few repetitive tasks that can cause cumulative trauma, also known as repetitive stress injuries.

The workers’ compensation lawyers at Raymond E. Frost & Associates are compassionate and extremely knowledgeable in these types of workers’ comp cases. With a history of strong representation, we can guide you through the California workers’ compensation claims process, offering options that seek maximum financial damages.

Types Of Cumulative Trauma Injuries

If you or someone you is enduring pain because of repetitive motion trauma, our highly experienced workers’ compensation law firm is ready to help. We can represent you and help file a workers’ comp claim for a range of repetitive motion injuries such as back, shoulder and knee injuries and carpal tunnel syndrome, all which may be caused by these or other situations:

  • Hours of typing in an office environment
  • Heavy lifting or pushing in a factory or warehouse
  • Continuous bending motion from carpet or tile installation work
  • Repeated tasks such as working on an assembly line in a plant

These and other work-related injuries can cause a lifetime of hurt – even long-term disabilities. How will you make a living or pay your medical bills if you are unable to work? Our skilled personal injury attorneys can represent you for harm incurred while working in any occupation. Call and talk to us today. You will not see a legal bill unless we win your case.

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Whether you have a painful back injury, carpet tunnel syndrome, neck pain or a disability caused, we can seek compensation for medical expenses and lost wages. For your convenience, we offer free initial appointments at our two locations in Tracy and Fremont. Just fill out this short email form or call us at 209-734-6972 to schedule an appointment.