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Know Your Rights In A Work-Related Driving Accident

Many occupations today involve driving for work, even though you may not have a focused driving job such as a delivery driver or trucker. If you are injured driving for work, you can seek workers’ compensation benefits to help cover medical expenses for your injuries. If another driver causes a collision with your vehicle, you may have the right to recover more damages through a third-party claim while still pursuing benefits through the workers’ compensation system.

We at the California law practice of Raymond E. Frost & Associates have years of experience helping the injured get compensation. Let us help you with the details of claims filing and fight for a full and fair settlement or verdict.

Compensation Options For Injured Drivers

After a collision, you may be in the hospital for several months and not able to go back to work. If this is your situation, it is imperative that you seek an aggressive, yet compassionate legal advocate who understands personal injury law, workers’ compensation claims and – even more importantly – how insurance companies work. We can offer help with these and other legal processes:

  • Pursuing a workers’ compensation claim: As a full-time worker (and many times, as a contractor) you have the right to your employer’s workers’ compensation benefits.
  • Filing a claim with the at-fault driver’s insurance company for financial compensation.
  • Dealing with your employer’s insurance company. Commercial trucking companies carry thousands in liability insurance and sometimes carry uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage.

Not sure how to start the process? Our knowledgeable workers’ comp attorneys want to hear your side of the story and can inform you of legal options on the spot, at no cost to you. Every detail counts. If needed, we can use a network of resources to review evidence and dive into the details of your accident and injuries. Our goal is to strive for your best possible compensation outcome.

We Make Getting Back On Your Feet Easier

If you have been injured while driving a company vehicle, a truck or even your own car while working, our lawyers can evaluate your case in a no-obligation consultation at our Tracy or Fremont location. Knowledge is power; learn your options. Contact us today via email or request a free appointment at 209-734-6972.