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2 dangers delivery drivers face 

On Behalf of | Nov 20, 2023 | Auto Accidents |

Delivery drivers provide valuable services to homes and businesses. Whether they’re bringing lunch from a favorite restaurant or delivering holiday gifts, these drivers deserve to remain safe while they do their job duties. 

There are several things that delivery drivers must be aware of so they can try to avoid suffering injuries. Understanding these can help them each step of the way on their route.

1. Slips, trips and falls

Uneven pavement, cracks in the surface and curbs are all risky for delivery drivers. The challenge is increased because the driver is likely also carrying packages that they may not be able to see over or around. The risk of slipping or tripping and falling is increased in inclement weather and at night, so drivers must ensure they’re extra cautious in those conditions. 

2. Back injuries

Back injuries are possible for delivery drivers, partially because of the heavy packages they carry. Some of these might be bulky. In some cases, the delivery driver may not have much assistance with the lifting, so using proper body ergonomics is crucial for these individuals. One important point to remember about back injuries is that they aren’t always due to a single injury. Instead, some may be due to cumulative trauma, so they manifest over time. 

Any delivery driver who suffers an injury should ensure they get prompt medical care. This should be covered by workers’ compensation for drivers who are employees and not independent contractors. Understanding the ins and outs of this system is critical so you can maximize the chance that you’ll get the benefits you’re due. It may behoove you to have someone on your side who’s familiar with these matters.

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