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Why heavy machinery may use two-button activation 

On Behalf of | Dec 5, 2023 | Auto Accidents |

Many types of heavy machinery, such as hydraulic presses or conveyor belts, may use two-button activation systems. Instead of having a single button that a worker pushes to start the machine, they have to push both buttons at the same time. The machine is powered on the entire time, but can’t be activated in any other fashion.

The reason that these buttons are used is because they force workers to keep their hands away from any hazardous areas.

This is why hydraulic presses are a common example. Workers would sometimes suffer crush injuries or amputation injuries if there was only one button to activate the press. A worker may still have their other hand absentmindedly on the material that is being formed, and the press comes down with an incredible amount of force. By forcing workers to push two buttons every single time, it’s a guarantee that their hands are not on that surface.

Can accidents still happen?

Yes, accidents certainly happen in the workplace with heavy machinery. An accident doesn’t necessarily mean that workers made a mistake. A two-button activation system is just one example of a built-in safety system, but nothing guarantees that workers won’t be injured. Heavy machinery is very powerful and injuries can happen quickly. There are inherent risks. 

That’s why it’s so important for workers to understand their potential right to workers’ comp benefits. Those who have been hurt on the job may deserve compensation for a portion of their wages and their medical bills, among other costs. It’s especially important to consider benefits after a serious injury – like an amputation – that means someone cannot work again. 

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