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Safety on the manufacturing floor

On Behalf of | Sep 1, 2019 | Manufacturing Injuries |

People who work in jobs in the manufacturing industry in California know that they work in environments in which safety must be a top priority. The machinery and other equipment used in manufacturing can contribute to injuries when not maintained or used properly. This is just one type of hazard that manufacturing workers need to be aware of.

As explained by Travelers Insurance, coming into contact with an object is the most common factor in manufacturing injuries. Overexerting oneself is the second most common factor. Other things that are identified in many injuries in a manufacturing facility include falls, trips or slips; repetitive motions required to do a job; and exposure to substances that are harmful.

Convergence Training, a company that provide safety training to the manufacturing sector, indicates that it is extremely important for employers to emphasize safety in their facilities. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has found that the companies that do this experience far less time at work lost to injury than do companies that fail to place heavy emphasis on safety. In addition to training about safety regulations and practices, employers are encouraged to actively recognize employees who engage in safe behaviors as a means of bringing the topic to the forefront positively.

Employers should maintain all equipment and ensure that all workers are trained on the proper use of that equipment. Safety gear such as hats and other protective items should be worn when and where appropriate. Objects prone to falling should be secured and tripping hazards should be avoided and moved.




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