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Why you should not wait to file a California workers’ compensation claim

On Behalf of | Mar 15, 2024 | Workers' Compensation |

After a workplace injury, you may be tempted to put off reporting it. At first, you may not think it is that bad, or you could be concerned about inconveniencing your employer.

Unfortunately, if you wait to report a workplace accident, several issues may arise that could impact your ability to secure compensation that you are rightfully owed.

Preserving evidence and memory

Reporting your workers’ compensation claim promptly can help to ensure that crucial evidence is preserved. Delayed reporting can lead to loss or deterioration of evidence, making it harder to establish the cause and severity of the injury. Memories fade over time, and details crucial to your claim may become hazy or forgotten. By reporting promptly, you can better ensure that all relevant information is fresh and accurately documented.

Meeting legal deadlines

In California, there are strict deadlines for reporting workplace injuries. Failing to report within the required timeframe can jeopardize your claim and result in denial of benefits. Prompt reporting helps to ensure compliance with legal requirements, protecting your rights and better ensuring timely access to benefits such as medical treatment and compensation for lost wages.

Avoiding employer disputes

Delaying the reporting of a workplace injury may raise suspicions with your employer or their insurance company. They may question the validity of your claim or argue that the injury occurred outside of work. Prompt reporting establishes a clear timeline of events and reduces the likelihood of disputes over the cause and nature of the injury.

Protecting your rights

Reporting your workers’ compensation claim promptly is crucial for protecting your legal rights. Waiting to report may give your employer or their insurance company grounds to deny your claim, arguing that the injury was not work-related or that it occurred after the deadline for reporting. By reporting promptly, you assert your right to compensation for workplace injuries and work to ensure that your claim is processed efficiently and fairly.

Timely reporting of California workers’ compensation claims is essential for preserving evidence, meeting legal deadlines, avoiding disputes and protecting your rights. Don’t wait—report your claim promptly to secure the benefits you deserve.

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