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The holiday season is also road trip season

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The good times of the holiday season can instantly turn sour if you run into trouble on the road. It doesn’t matter if you’re traveling locally, across California or to a different part of the country, your safety and well-being should take precedence over everything else.

Here are four common holiday driving hazards you may contend with in the weeks to come:

  • Distracted driving: This is a problem any time you’re on the road, and it’s even more so the case during the holidays when people are likely to be in constant contact with family and friends. Do your part to prevent distracted driving, while keeping a close eye out for others who are violating the law.
  • Drinking and driving: Many people enjoy drinking alcohol when celebrating the holidays. While it’s okay to do so in moderation, it’s not okay to get behind the wheel.
  • Drowsy driving: If you’re taking a longer road trip, such as to another state, be sure to bank as much sleep as possible before embarking on your journey. Also, regular breaks can help avoid a situation in which you fall asleep at the wheel.
  • Increased traffic: You’re not the only one hitting the road during the holidays. Depending on when you’re traveling, such as the days around Christmas, you may experience heavy traffic during peak hours. The more vehicles that are on the road, the more difficult it is to remain safe. The best way to protect against trouble is to follow the rules of the road, and, if possible, travel during off-peak hours, such as early in the morning.

If you run into trouble on the road during the holiday season, such as an accident caused by a negligent driver, pull to safety and focus your immediate attention on your health.

Depending on the circumstances, you will want to call 911 to request an ambulance and police presence.

Once you receive treatment, you can collect details pertaining to the accident, contact your insurance agent and take steps to protect your legal rights.

An accident can steal some of the fun from the holidays, but don’t let it continue to drag you down in the future. You have legal rights, and it’s a must that you protect them.

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