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Hurt on the job? Get the compensation you need from your employer

On Behalf of | Jan 24, 2020 | Police/fire Work Injuries |

Working as a police officer means that you’re exposed to a number of risks every day. Every traffic stop has the potential to go wrong. You have the potential to be attacked by someone unexpectedly. You could be called to the scene of a dangerous situation. The possibilities are endless.

That’s why it’s so important for people working in this field to know their rights and to have the correct protections in place if they’re injured. If you’re hurt on the job, then you should be entitled to compensation for those injuries and be able to focus on your recovery without concerns about your income.

Workers’ compensation coverage may cover you after an injury

Every employer is a little different, but as a police officer, you should be able to access workers’ compensation (or a similar program) through your employer. No matter how you were injured, you should be able to file a claim and seek compensation for those injuries. The only exception would be if the injuries were self-inflicted and intentional (in most cases).

Why is workers’ compensation so important for high-risk jobs?

In a field like yours, the chances of getting hurt are pretty high. As a result, it is very important for your employer to take the time to carry coverage for their employees. Whether you’re working for a sheriff’s office, the state or the federal government, you deserve to have at least some kind of protection in place that will cover your losses if you’re hurt on the job. Your attorney can help you with a claim following your injury if you need additional support.

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