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Four ways for employers to maintain a safe construction site

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Construction is among the most dangerous industries with thousands of injuries and deaths arising from construction sites every year. Perhaps you yourself were injured on the job here in Fremont, California. While you won’t need to prove that your employer or anyone else was negligent in order to receive workers’ compensation benefits, it’s still important to think about how the employer did or did not uphold safety standards.

Following all OSHA safety guidelines

Experts give four tips for construction employers who want to maintain a safe workplace, and the first is to adhere to OSHA guidelines, stay updated on them and monitor training and recertification so that these meet the standards. Together with sub-contractors, employers could create a site-specific safety plan. They should have the job site monitored and remove anyone who does not follow the guidelines.

Of course, this could not work without proper safety training. OSHA does offer training courses on its website so that employers can become certified for the level of safety training their workplace demands. Employees must know, above all, what sort of hazards they potentially face on the job and should be encouraged to report any hazards. There should also be someone on-site who is trained in CPR and first aid.

The importance of safety gear and technology

Personal protective equipment ranges from hard hats and goggles to gloves and boots. Hearing protection and safety harnesses also fall under this category. In any case, employers must ensure that their workers have the right PPE; they will prevent burn injuries, falls, noise-induced hearing loss and more.

Lastly, there’s new technology that companies can incorporate. Apps are available that can, for instance, send weather alerts and remind workers to protect themselves from the heat.

Getting legal guidance for your claim

Under workers’ compensation law, you can be eligible for wage replacement and the reimbursement of all medical expenses, including the cost of treatments, prescriptions and travel to and from the hospital. If you’re temporarily or permanently disabled, this can be factored in as well. You may want a lawyer to assist with filing the claim and, if necessary, an appeal.

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