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Having a fall prevention program for workers

On Behalf of | Sep 10, 2020 | Workers' Compensation |

Falls are not necessarily the most common workplace incident in California, but they can be the most severe for victims and the costliest for employers. Compared to the average injury, fall-related injuries are three times more likely to land the victim in a hospital. These injuries are among the most expensive in terms of medical compensation. There’s also the indirect cost that comes with decreasing morale and productivity among co-workers.

Barriers to fall safety in the workplace

Employers may wonder how they can protect their employees from a fall. It starts with acknowledging the weak spots in the workplace culture. If the prevailing culture is far from safety-minded, workers can become complacent, feel secure and be more inclined to take risks on elevated surfaces. Human error can be behind many falls as workers might rush through their job or continue working even when they know they are tired.

Creating a fall prevention program

The best thing employers can do is come up with a fall prevention program. It all starts with training. Employees should learn how to inspect all scaffolding before a job and know what ladders are right for what jobs. They should know how to assess risk. Employers must also provide the appropriate safety gear, including harnesses. A supervisor should be on site as well.

Personal attention on your case

Perhaps you fell and sustained a temporary or permanent disability. You may be reimbursed through your employer’s workers’ comp program. The benefits can also cover wage replacement. Of course, an employer has the right to deny payment on certain grounds: For instance, you may not have reported the incident in time, or your own negligence may have caused the fall. Whatever the situation, it may be wise for you to hire a lawyer before filing.

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