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Health care is a hazardous occupation

On Behalf of | Jan 19, 2021 | Health Care Worker Injuries |

In California, healthcare workers have some of the riskiest jobs. Currently, the health care industry is among the fastest-growing sectors in the country. Although healthcare is an important field, nurses and hospital staff are predisposed to a hazardous environment. Apart from the demanding work, healthcare workers can get injured by the apparatus that they use daily.

Types of injuries in the healthcare occupation

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that the United States has more than 18 million health care workers. These workers are exposed to hazardous working environments daily. Although most injuries incurred are non-fatal, most of them are fatal are require specialized care. Here are several risks you could face while working in the healthcare sector:

Repetitive stress results from long working hours. Nurses and doctors have a higher probability of suffering from musculoskeletal disorders than other workers. Additionally, since nurses use many needles, there is a high risk that they could cut or puncture their skins. Lifting and carrying patients also contribute to health care worker injuries.

Understaffing is a significant problem that affects healthcare workers. It predisposes a lot of workers to the risks of getting injuries due to the increased pressure to deliver. Patients can also assault healthcare workers. Additionally, when violent criminals are held at the hospital, they pose a risk to healthcare workers.

Healthcare workers also suffer from sprains and strains. Mostly, the effects of these injuries are at the shoulders and lower back. Discs at the spinal bones might slip when these workers lift heavy patients. According to the CDC, health care workers have a higher chance of suffering from bloodborne infections. Needlesticks predispose nurses and doctors to infections such as HIV/AIDS.

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