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Surprising summer driving hazards California residents face

On Behalf of | Aug 1, 2021 | Auto Accidents |

Driving in the summer can be one of life’s great pleasures here in California. Even driving to and from work can be a pleasurable experience. What could go wrong in the state’s warmest season when you are behind the wheel of your car?

Unfortunately, many summer driving hazards could put you or a loved one at risk of motor vehicle accident injuries. You may know many of these hazards, like a sudden downpour or drunk drivers. However, you probably do not know about them all.

Many motorists do not expect these four hazards

Did you know that more crashes occur during July and August than at any other time of the year? One way to reduce your risks of a collision is to find out as much as possible about summer driving hazards like the ones below:

  1. Improper tire pressure: Heat causes the air inside of vehicle tires to expand, putting drivers at risk of an accident caused by a tire blowout.
  2. Road construction: In many areas of California, road construction occurs year-round. However, summer remains the busiest season for roadwork, which is a leading crash hazard for unaware motorists.
  3. Engine overheating: If your engine overheats, you may need to stop along the shoulder of the road until your car cools down. Unfortunately, this leaves you vulnerable to a collision.
  4. Tourist traffic: Droves of Americans come to California during the summer. The extra traffic combined with tourists’ lack of knowledge about roads in the state often leads to motor vehicle accidents.

Now that you know about the crash hazards discussed here, you have a better chance of avoiding one. Unfortunately, other drivers may not have this knowledge, and their ignorance could involve you in a collision. When this happens, consider learning more about your right to seek compensation after a crash caused by another driver.

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