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3 driver aggressions that could end up harming you

On Behalf of | Aug 2, 2022 | Auto Accidents |

If you are a calm driver, you might laugh at some of the things other drivers do. You might wonder how they can get so wound up and charitably dismiss their behaviors as silly or stupid. Downright dangerous might be a more accurate term.

Drivers who are easily wound up often express their frustrations through their actions. When they do that, they become a danger to themselves and others. If you see a driver doing any of the following, it is best to increase the distance between you when safe to do so.

Shouting through the windscreen

It’s almost comical seeing someone shout at you through a solid sheet of glass. You can’t hear them, and they know that, but they carry on doing it anyway. While shouting itself is not dangerous, it’s a clear indicator they are failing to control their temper. No one makes great decisions when their blood is boiling.

Giving you the finger

Some drivers have an amazing repertoire of rude hand gestures. Regardless of which they use, it distracts them from the road. First, they must take a hand off the wheel. Second, they are likely looking in your direction to see your reaction, which takes their eyes and mind off the road.

Revving their engine or flashing their lights

It’s their gas they are wasting and their light stick they are likely to break if they keep flicking it on and off with such vigor. Yet these actions often proceed a dangerous maneuver. If they are frustrated at not being able to pass, expect them to try to overtake at the slightest gap, even one that is clearly insufficient. If they fail, they will likely take you out in the process.

Explaining how a driver acted before they crashed into you can help you hold them responsible for the crash and get the compensation you need.


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